Some of the key benefits to members:

  • Participation in the consortium events such as quarterly facilitated “Gemba exchanges”, online forums and regular seminars.
  • First hand observation of how other businesses, from diverse sectors, create lean and sustainability and how they integrate the two into one holistic approach.
  • Facilitated “lean and sustainable maturity assessment” for your selected sites and creation of your own bespoke lean and sustainable business roadmap where needed.
  • Credibility of thought leadership and university collaborations.
  • Opportunity to influence the direction of your own business as well as being directly involved in shaping the direction of “lean and sustainability thinking” on the global stage.
  • Staff training and Gemba coaching opportunities. All members will be offered to go through a Lean & Sustainability training programme accredited through Cardiff University.
  • Access to lean and sustainability experts and facilitators, expert trainers and training material, tools, and cutting edge of knowledge.

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