Are you going to change your mind?

Are you going to change your mind? Lessons from Toyota’s continuous improvement culture. About the author: Dr. Keivan Zokaei is a lean thinker, consultant and a published author. Keivan regularly advises C-suite executives at global companies and has led transformation projects in Service, FMCG and Manufacturing industries working with organisations such as ASSA ABLOY, Welsh [...]

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What Has Happened to Relationship Selling?

  The Japanese have had a very interesting concept in selling which is relationship focused. This type of selling use to be very common, but today the people who crunch numbers are bastardizing sales and are forcing good sales people to become order takers! Many large corporations with a good size sales staff do not [...]

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Turn around executive offers advice on the first year of your turn around journey

About the Author: Tim Shea is a business executive with over 30 years’ experience leading the turnaround of failing or significantly under-performing companies ranging in size from under $10M to about $1B. In this article he shares key findings from his experience.     There are multiple steps in turning an under-performing company into a [...]

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Portland Volunteers using Lean and Six Sigma to Improve Community

Written by Brion Hurley, Community Consulting Lead for Lean Portland For decades, the methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma have spread successfully throughout many industries, from manufacturing, hospitality, banking, utilities, aerospace, automotive, entrepreneurship, and even entertainment. In addition, sustainability and social responsibility are also becoming popular approaches within organizations. Volunteering and fundraising are common ways [...]

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Welsh Water tour highlights Lean applied to water treatment and customer service

The Spring 2017 Lean and Sustainable consortium tour at Welsh Water (known locally as Dwr Cymru). They are a not-for-profit water utility company located near Cardiff, Wales. The tour provided attendees with two different examples of Lean implementation within the same organization. The first part of the tour was held at their water treatment processing site at [...]

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Can “Lean and Green” program within US EPA gain traction in Trump Administration?

In a recent US federal budget proposal, the Trump Administration revealed a 30% reduction in the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the largest percentage cut of any single department. This is not a big surprise, as they have questioned the effectiveness of the organization throughout the presidential campaign. The Trump Administration wants to get [...]

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Happy Continuous Improvement

By Keivan Zokaei   2016 was the year of the unexpected! Brexit, Donald Trump, the Italian referendum, death of celebrities such as David Bowie and Prince, Chicago Cubs winning the World Series ending the team’s 108-year drought, Leicester City winning the English Premier League against all the odds, and the list goes on. Our universe [...]

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Gareth Kane Predicts Sustainable Business Environment in 2017

My predictions for 2017 By Gareth Kane Given the curveballs that 2016 threw at us, I can’t help feeling a bit foolish in trying to predict what will happen in Sustainability in 2017. Brexit, Donald Trump’s election and a number of forthcoming elections across Europe have created unparalleled uncertainty for the 12 months ahead. Having [...]

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Developing a lean supply chain

by K. Zokaei A number of years ago I spent time with one of the UK’s leading retailers who had spent huge amounts on implementation of a new supply chain IT system. Our investigation revealed that the users were not briefed about the way the system worked as an integrated whole and did not understand it outside [...]

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What Happened in Toyota?

“Toyota under fire” by Jeffrey K. Liker and Timothy N. Ogden is an elaborate account of what went on inside Toyota in recent years and in the wake of the economic crisis and various quality issues leading to the recall of more than 10 million vehicles globally. Toyota – arguably the world’s most acclaimed company – [...]

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