LeanConsultingHunterLovinsby Hunter Lovins

A corporate commitment to behaving more sustainably is ever more important. As news from the scientists gets grimmer – September was the hottest month ever on record; New Scientist’s recent report showed that the world is warming faster than previously believed, and the new IPCC report will say much the same – people need somewhere to turn for hope. From the recent Dark Mountain article in the Guardian to advocates of “Near-term human extinction” claiming that global warming will end human history by 2050, people are giving up. If they do, the catastrophists will get to be right.

Corporate leaders are needed now more than ever to implement what we know: we have all of the technology that we need to solve all of the challenges facing humankind, and do so at a profit. Books like Peter Diamondis’ book Abundance, Jigar Shah’s Creating Climate Wealth and my book, The Way Out: Kickstarting Capitalism To Save Our Economic Ass all show that moving smartly to solve the climate crisis will deliver better returns than business as usual.

Dr. Mark Jacobson, the Stanford Professor who showed that the world can meet its needs for energy solely through renewable energy, has created the Solutions Project to detail how every state in the US can achieve energy sufficiency, while moving off fossil fuels.

Agriculturalists from Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, to Allan Savory, are showing that properly done, farming and ranching can increase profits and pull carbon from the air, returning it to the soil where it nourishes life.

Walter Stahel’s approach of the Circular Economy is now being shown to be dramatically more profitable for business, create jobs and save at least $1 trillion per year.

Time grows short. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Our book Creating a Lean and Green Business System can show you how you can grow your profits while solving the challenges. Join us….