Happy Continuous Improvement

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By Keivan Zokaei   2016 was the year of the unexpected! Brexit, Donald Trump, the Italian referendum, death of celebrities such as David Bowie and Prince, Chicago Cubs winning the World Series ending the team’s [...]

Gareth Kane Predicts Sustainable Business Environment in 2017

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My predictions for 2017 By Gareth Kane Given the curveballs that 2016 threw at us, I can’t help feeling a bit foolish in trying to predict what will happen in Sustainability in 2017. Brexit, Donald [...]

Developing a lean supply chain

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by K. Zokaei A number of years ago I spent time with one of the UK’s leading retailers who had spent huge amounts on implementation of a new supply chain IT system. Our investigation revealed that the [...]

What Happened in Toyota?

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“Toyota under fire” by Jeffrey K. Liker and Timothy N. Ogden is an elaborate account of what went on inside Toyota in recent years and in the wake of the economic crisis and various quality issues [...]

Reinventing our Economy

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by Hunter Lovins A corporate commitment to behaving more sustainably is ever more important. As news from the scientists gets grimmer – September was the hottest month ever on record; New Scientist’s recent report showed [...]

Recapturing Monozukuri in Toyota’s Manufacturing Ethos | Enterprize Excellence

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This article was originally published in MIT Sloan Management Review by Keivan Zokaei in March 2014. For decades, Toyota caught the imagination of managers around the world. It became an emblematic case for everything from [...]