Lean & Green: 2-day Workshop (UK)

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Reinventing our Economy

by Hunter Lovins A corporate commitment to behaving more sustainably is ever more important. As news from the scientists gets grimmer – September was the hottest month ever on record; New Scientist’s recent report showed that the world is warming faster than previously believed, and the new IPCC report will say much the same – [...]

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Recapturing Monozukuri in Toyota’s Manufacturing Ethos | Enterprize Excellence

This article was originally published in MIT Sloan Management Review by Keivan Zokaei in March 2014. For decades, Toyota caught the imagination of managers around the world. It became an emblematic case for everything from quality and reliability to employee engagement and continuous improvement. Recent years have tarnished its image somewhat due to recalls related [...]

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It’s all about effectiveness

This article was originally written in 2009 and later edited in 2011 by Dr. Keivan Zokaei. It examines how supply chains can boost their efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating all too common mistakes. The economy is rapidly slumping into a deep recession but did it really need to be this way? The Big Three auto [...]

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